Buying: How It Works

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EZBid’s online auction service allows you to buy or sell your farm or commercial equipment. With low commission and an easy to use website, you can get top dollar when it’s time to sell and find a great deal when it’s time to buy.

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With a few easy steps, use our online registration form located here to get signed up today.

Bid on Listings

Search EZBid’s website to find a listing you are interested in, and simply place a bid.

Win an Auction

If you have the highest bid when the auction closes, congratulations, you have won!

Payment & Shipping

Finalize your purchase with your preferred payment method and utilize EZBid’s integrated freight to have your purchase shipped directly to your property.

Confirmation and Feedback

Confirm you have received your new purchase in good order and provide seller feedback. You have completed the process!

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