Selling: How It Works

Sell With EZBid

EZBid’s online auction service allows you to buy or sell your farm or commercial equipment. With low commission and an easy to use website, you can get top dollar when it’s time to sell and find a great deal when it’s time to buy.

Register Your Account

With a few easy steps, use our online registration form located here to get signed up today.

List Your Equipment

Upload the specifics of your equipment and select auction details that suit you or request EZBid help to list an entire farm.

EZBid handles the Online Timed Auction

Your equipment is auctioned to the highest bidder.

Payment & Shipping

EZBid will promptly collect payment from the buyer and provide confirmation to you. Upon equipment pickup, EZBid will process payment to you.

Choose Your Auction

Dedicated Auction

  • Create your own auction for your entire farm or have a team of representatives come to your farm to inventory and list all of your equipment
  • Choose an available day dedicated to your sale

Single Item Auction

  • Create an auction for a single piece of equipment
  • Select the date which you would like to have the auction completed by

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